Is Your Teen a “VSCO” Girl?

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As I was scrolling through Facebook last night, I noticed someone in one of my “Mommy Groups” was talking about VSCO girls.


Apparently, it’s the newest “IT” trend. The arm full of scrunchies, the Birkenstocks, and the oversized t-shirts…… Did I just describe MYSELF in the 90s?

Well, they do say everything comes full circle!

What exactly is a “VSCO” Girl?

VSCO is an uber-popular photo editing and sharing app.

Some teens are being inspired by the #aesthetics promoted by the app to create the “VSCO girl” trend. 

The typical VSCO Girl is an eco-conscious, carefree spirit who loves to hang out at the beach with her friends.

You can find VSCO girls wearing scrunchies, puka shell necklaces, arms full of Pura Vida Bracelets, large oversized t-shirts with Crocs, Vans, or Birkenstocks. They’re often spotted carrying a Kanken Backpack and they don’t go anywhere without a Hydro Flask. Also, they will ONLY use metal straws because #savetheseaturtles.

Here’s how to tell if your teen is riding the #trending VSCO Girl wave.

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Birkenstocks, yes the sandals that I literally wore to death in High School!

They’re cool again! Birkenstocks are the most popular shoes for a VSCO Girl. Not only are they comfortable, but they’re also a good investment as they last forever!

birkenstocks vsco girls
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2. Pura Vida Bracelets

These beachy handmade bracelets are every VSCO girl’s perfect accessory. Stack em’ by the armful and share with friends.

Every Pura Vida Bracelet has a different meaning and theme. They’re all waterproof and last forever. You’re supposed to wear them until they fall off, then make a wish.

They even have a monthly subscription club!

pura vida bracelets vsco girls wave ring
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3. Kanken Backpack

To achieve that VSCO Girl aesthetic you have got to have a Fjall Raven Kanken Backpack!

Understated and simple, this bag has been around since 1978, but it’s making a comeback with Generation Z.

kanken backpack vsco girls
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4. Mario Badescu Facial Spray

The Mario Badescu Facial Spray is a popular product with VSCO Girls. The multi-tasking mists are perfect for keeping skin hydrated and refreshed. This is a VSCO Girl trend I could get on-board with.

Obviously, looking fresh-faced and dewy is all part of that youthful charm!

mario badescu facial spray vsco girls
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5. Scrunchies

Well, if it isn’t 1995!

Scrunchies are everywhere! From lux fabrics to cool patterns, a true VSCO Girl doesn’t go anywhere without a scrunchie.

There are even designer scrunchies courtesy of Versace and Balenciaga. Gasp!……what would Carry Bradshaw think?

scrunchies vsco girls
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6. Hydro Flask

Because drinking water is cool again, as long as you carry it in this bottle.

Every VSCO girl needs a Hydro Flask!

The Hydro Flask has gained a cult following. The insulated, stainless-steel bottle claims to keep your beverage the “perfect temperature”.

Most VSCO Girls cover their Hydro Flasks in stickers, such as Supreme, Good Vibes, or sunflowers and hippie-inspired art.

hydro flask vsco girls
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7. Polaroid Camera

The Instax Mini 9 Camera is perfect for capturing all of the fun moments with friends!

It takes mini polaroid pictures, which are usually used by VSCO Girls to decorate their rooms, school binders or phone cases. #vsco #polaroidpix

instax mini 9 camera polaroid camera vsco gir
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8. Vans

Vans are old-skool skateboarding shoes. Made popular in the 1980s, the iconic shoes are still just as hip today as they were 30+ years ago.

Most VSCO Girls will own at least one pair, the plain black and white Vans are popular, but so are the classic checkerboard pattern Vans.

I will admit, they’re SUPER comfortable!

black vans white vans checkerboard vans vsco girls
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9. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm

This natural, moisturizing lip balm with vitamin E and peppermint, is a product no VSCO Girl goes without!

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm has become synonymous with VSCO Girls all over Instagram and Pinterest. #burtsbees

I had no idea the lip balm I’ve been carrying in the bottom of my bag for years has suddenly become so trendy!

burt's bees lip balm vsco girls
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10. Crocs

Crocs and socks…….. just typing that makes me cringe a little.

However, VSCO Girls flock to the Crocs!

Like many of these trends, the uncool Crocs have become the “IT” shoe once again.

I can’t say I understand the draw, other than they’re comfortable and durable. Plus, you can just hose them off if they get dirty, perfect for teens!

…..wait maybe I DO need some Crocs.

crocs vsco girls
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While writing this I’ve learned at 35 I have a little more in common with my teens then I thought. I too like Birkenstocks, Burt’s Bees Lip Balm, and Mario Badescu Facial Spray.

Does that make me a VSCO MOM?!? YASSSSSS!

Okay, stop trying to make “VSCO Moms” happen. It will never happen.

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I hope you enjoyed reading!

I would love to know what some of your Favorite VSCO Girl products are. Comment below!

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