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How to Create Gorgeous Pinterest Graphics with Canva for FREE!

Pinterest is the #1 traffic source for many bloggers! So, you don’t want to miss out!

I don’t know about you, but I love taking a nice long scroll through Pinterest.

All of the beautiful pins just sucking you in one by one…..

Thoughtful designs, painstakingly crafted by professionals…..obviously.

Or are they?? NO, most likely those pins were created on one of my most loved sites, Canva!

Canva is a super easy to use graphic design tool website. So easy, even my teenage daughter uses it! It’s also sophisticated enough that companies such as Apple, Disney, and Amazon use their service.

pinterest pin made with canva
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See this? Yes, I made it with Canva! Literally, took me 10 minutes while I was half- watching “Married at First Sight”.

Looks nice right? It was also completely FREE!

So, I suggest if you are a blogger like me, or just want some awesome graphics for your website or social media, you should definitely check out Canva!

sign up for canva
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Once you create a FREE Canva account, you can get started crafting your own custom social media images!

Follow these steps to begin creating your very own Pinterest Image:

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You should click on the PINTEREST GRAPHIC which is the standard Pinterest image size of 735 px X 1102 px.

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Next, on the left, you can choose from the hundreds of gorgeous pre-made Pinterest templates. Just click the one you like and it will pop-up for you on the right side.

You will see mine above. That’s the “unedited” version.

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Since I’ve been sticking with the “roses” theme for this blog post, I added the rose photo. I just clicked on the photo and hovered over the circle and it instantly adjusted! It’s Super Easy!!

Canva has a very nice library of photos to choose from.

For more “Pinterest-Worthy” images, don’t forget to check out: 5 of the BEST Royalty-Free Image Websites I detail where to find the best copyright-free images that you can use for FREE!

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Next, I changed my text and my font type and color.

Pre-stylized texts boxes are available in the toolbar on the left. Then, you can change the font type and color from the toolbar at the top.

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Finally, you can download your Beautiful Pinterest Pin!

Easy wasn’t it?

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Here is the final product. Totally “Pinterest-Worthy”…if I do say so myself!

I hope you enjoyed the Canva tutorial and I look forward to seeing all of your Beautiful Pinterest Pins in the future!

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